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5 minutes by walk from JR and subway Namba station. Next to Minatomachi River Place
Saiwai-cho 1-1-1-201 Naniwa-ku Osaka


Find your dentist

Find your dentist

We consider dental treatment is not completed only by cavity protection. Content of treatment should be different according to client's life habits, disease, past history and so on. Our purpose is helping our clients to understand their background and make a long term relationship to keep their teeth healthy.

Find your professional dentist at Minatomachi Dental Clinic.

Hello. We are Minatomachi Dental Clinic

About us: My father began our dental clinic over 20 years ago in Minatomachi area. We would like to keep a good relationship with each client.Please feel free to ask us anything.

You can consult us in Chinese, English and Russian.

Native-level English speaker is only available on Sunday.Conversation-level English speaker is available every day.

Treatment policy

1We make an effort to reduce the treatment period in order to decrease the client's number of appointments.
Please note that some treatments take a longer period of time.
2Our clinic is "appointment-only"to reduce waiting time.
Please make a phone call before coming to us.
3We endeavor to put ourselves in the client's shoes for treatment.
[We don't consider treatment to be complete with only cavity protection]


General dentistry

General Dentistry
Please feel free to consult us about therapy for cavities,periodontal disease,dentures,root canals,etc.

Home Teeth Whitening

Home teeth Whitening
It is a whitening system done at home using whitening strips while sleeping. We offer counseling before whitening and check oral condition to confirm safety. Please note that symptoms such as hyperesthesia, etc. may occur.

In-Office Teeth Whitening

In-office Teeth Whitening
We provide a light-accelerated bleaching in our clinic. Please note that continuing your treatment at home is necessary to obtain a better result.

Visit dental treatment

In-home Dental Treatment
We offer in-home /facility dental treatment for clients who have difficulty coming to our clinic.A dentist or dental hygienist will visit you at your home or care facility to perform certain treatments.

Treatment Charges

Non-Insurance Treatment Charges

Dental Checkup(including Panoramic X-ray & teeth cleaning) ¥10,000
Stain removal ¥5,000

Dental caries treatment
[Caries not reaching the pulp]

Treatment per tooth by CR[composite resin]Front teeth, Premolar teeth, Molar teeth)


Metal Inlay

Premolar teeth ¥10,000
Molar teeth ¥15,000

CR Inlay

Premolar teeth ¥7,000
Molar teeth ¥7,000
Dental caries treatment
[Caries reaching the pulp…
(Root canal treatment /post- core& crown)]
Front teeth[Metal-Ceramic] ¥30,000
Metal crown Premolar teeth ¥15,000
Molar teeth ¥20,000
Metal Ceramic Premolar teeth ¥40,000
Molar teeth ¥45,000
Tooth extraction [including prescribed medicine]

Front teeth

Premolar/Molar teeth ¥5,000
Wisdom tooth/Third molar ¥10,000
Impacted wisdom teeth ¥20,000
Cosmetic treatment
Metal bond ¥75,000
Home whitening(upper jaw and lower jaw) ¥30,000
Home whitening(upper jaw or lower jaw) ¥15,000
  • * Above treatment charges do not include 10% tax
  • * Japanese Health Insurance is also accepted at our clinic.
  • * Above treatment charges may change according to medicines prescribed ,X-rays,etc.
Payment method:
*Credit card:
  • 1. For medical expenses not covered by the insurance.
  • 2. For medical expenses more than 10,000¥ that are covered by the health insurance.


Minatomachi Dental Clinic

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